Thursday, 29 May 2014

Work In Progress: Picasa Hub + Backup

Recently a colleague of mine switched from Android to Windows Phone. From the switch he jumped straight into the Windows Phone 8.1 preview and has managed to find decent alternatives to the applications he used while on Android. Like many Android users, he used the Picasa services (or Google+ photos as I think it's now known as) to store and backup his pictures, for which he has a backlog of a few years. But he has failed to find a decent Picasa app that satisfies his cravings. This is showcased event more with the introductions of new features in 8.1 that the existing apps haven't embraced like photo hub integration.

This sounded interesting to me and so I've been developing "Picasa Hub + Backup" for the past month.

At first, my main goals were simple:
  • OAuth authentication - No applications on the market appears to offer this
  • Photo Hub Integration - No applications on the market appears to offer this
  • Automatic Backups
  • Share photos from other sources to Picasa service - Other applications appear to be limited to the photo hub as a source for the upload.
These features have been implemented and I've since released a preview\beta of the application which at the moment only has a single participant, my colleague.

I'm now working on a second release which will include:
  • View and add comments for a photo
  • Configure your target album for your backups and shared photos
  • Configurable ordering of photos in photo hub.
If this seems interesting to you, you are on the 8.1 developer preview and you would like to be involved in my preview\beta, then let me know by sending the Microsoft account associated with your windows phone(s) via either twitter (via private message) or via email at apps [@] davidskendall [.] co [.] uk.