Monday, 12 September 2016

My Daily Wallpaper v1.1 Out Now

 A new update has been released for My Daily Wallpaper bringing it up to v1.1. The aim of this update was to improve the experience of the initial release, as well as pave the way for new features coming in the future. New stuff includes:
  • New Source Settings - XKCD source now supports retrieving random comics. This means you can now have  different XKCD goodness every day of the week. Perhaps even make My Daily Wallpaper an XKCD app? Bing source now also supports downloading HD versions of wallpapers on mobile (and SD versions on desktop).
  • Live Tile Support! - My Daily Wallpaper now displays the last seven days worth of wallpapers straight on your start menu or start screen. This works in similar way to the native photos app.
  • Dislike - Dislike today's wallpaper from within the app. It doesn't do much at the moment other than give you tips, but I plan to do more with this in a future update
  • Change Is Good - When changing today's wallpaper source or source settings, you no longer have to wait to the following week to see those settings applied and instead can apply them then and there.
  • Updates To How Wallpapers Are Set - XKCD comic now has a reduced brightness when applied as a wallpaper to help make other text more readable. Improvements have also been made to how wallpapers are set in the background, which means it should be more reliable. 
Now that this update is out of the way I plan to start work on some new sources for the app as well as flesh out the dislike functionality to be more useful.

EDIT: If you have any ideas for future functionality you're wanting to see, I'd love to hear about it via appstretch.