Monday, 16 March 2015

Picasa Photo Hub Update

Thought it was about time for another Picasa Photo Hub update!

The upgrading in preparation for the next Windows is coming along nicely. I've upgraded most of it so that it's now using my unified portable library, along with using portable class libraries within the application itself as much as possible. This means that when the time comes to upgrade it to use all of the nice new unannounced features of Windows 10, the upgrade will be easier. It also means I don't have to maintain two internal libraries for my apps (one for Silverlight and one "Universal" apps).

This upgrade is also necessary to ensure that all of your personal data is kept in tact when the upgrade happens, as it's using some technology that has been basically deprecated (LINQ to SQL). In doing the upgrade however, I've managed to get a dormant feature working which will help with all of you guys that love tweaking your photos...

In the meantime though, I thought I would release an update to tide you over until then. This update fixes some errors reported by you as well as adding some extra debugging information to try and fix some of the other issues. They include:
  • Updated background task to check if the user is authenticated, and report issue to user if they're not.
  • Updated error logging of album picker to provide more information.
  • Made enhancements to improve background resizing of images.
  • Fixed issue where background task wasn't getting rescheduled.
  • Fixed issue where pending upload page wasn't displaying items when navigated from toast.
  • Fixed misc reported defects.
The update is live now, so grab it while it's hot!

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