Monday, 29 August 2011

Congestion of Updates - Initial Tractor Update

After I wrote my last post, I thought that perhaps you lovely readers may want to actually read what I'm up to. As I've got a host of projects under way on the Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 platforms, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on each of my projects, what I hope to accomplish and how far along (or not) they may be.

The first project of mine I hope to disclose is a project that is quite far along, and one I hope to release very soon. The idea behind the app (as you may have guessed by the above picture) is based around congestion/ traffic incidents. The desire to create the app came to me when I was stuck in a traffic jam with my girlfriend, with a journey that usually took forty-five minutes took two and half hours! While we were in the traffic jam, my girlfriend was keeping an eye on traffic updates via some source.

This made me think. Are there any good traffic related apps on the marketplace? While there are a few, none of them jumped out at me, and more importantly while they provided me with information, the information wasn't necessarily related to me. So I decided to work on my own app. Below are a few shots of work in progress.

The key features I have implemented at the moment:
  • Traffic information from a host of different sources (Currently I have information from one source, but hope to find more)
  • Traffic information provided to me based on a given route (this seems to be working most of the time - at least filtering by road)
  • Traffic information being clickable to send me to the original source (who are clearly credited as they deserve)
  • Route directional information so the user doesn't have to bounce back between my app and bing maps (if they so desire to use it)
  • The ability to save, delete and pin routes to my start screen
So there is a sneak look. I hope to polish and add a few more features and then release it. At the moment, this looks like it will be my first published app. Hopefully this app will be something that will provide a handy tool for all you users.

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