Thursday, 25 August 2011

Who Are You and Why Am I Here?

Its been over a month since I created this blog and have yet to write anything on it, which is kind of ironic as I set it up to try and motivate me to accomplish things.

So here we go, an introductory blog post for all you first time readers. My name is David Kendall (if you hadn't of guessed by the big banner at the top of the page) and I'm a software developer. As a day job, I work for a company that specialises in developing software for the financial sector. It's an interesting job, that brings with it new and exciting challenges. But this is not what this blog will be for.

No, No. This blog will be for all the little projects I will develop in my spare time for a variety of different platforms. Yeah that's right, I program for my day job and then I program some more in my spare time. I must be mad right?

I have already got a few projects on my plate, some big some small and there will be probably be more I'll add along the way of developing these ones (yeah that's how I roll). I will get into the specifics of these projects in my next blog post.

So what will you, the reader, get from the blog. Well, you will get an insight into the development of these projects. You will possibly get some code samples for things that I've developed that I think are useful (but probably wont be) and you may get some screenshots and video footage. Finally, it will probably include other topics that I think you may want to read.

Hope you find all of this talk interesting. Now hopefully I can follow through with what I've said and should have another more interesting post for you in a few days.

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