Monday, 5 December 2011

Pint-sized Update

Thought I would post a quick seperate update to accomodate my recently published code sample. My project focus and switched from my WP7 based project to another one of my projects. The newly focused project is a platforming game that I started (for about a week or two of consentration and then re-focused) back in the summer. To avoid stagnation, I have picked up from where I left off and continuing to build up the various components. So far my game include a ground, start/finish points a basic checkpoint system (which may need improving in the future), a collapsable ground, a moveable platform and a sign post which will include information to guide the player through the levels (or perhaps used for comedic opportunities). The game is tile based and I'm aiming for the xbox avatars to star as the main character. I'm also working on a level editor for the game so that players can continue their enjoyment (hopefully) by creating new levels.

I haven't got any screenshots to post of the game yet, as it still is full of programmer art, but will hopefully have a screenshot to show by the years end. However my focus will no doubt see-saw between this project and the previous WP7 project.

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