Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Calling All Dream.Build.Play Contenders

To all Dream.Build.Play 2012 contenders, I have an exciting opportunity for your submission to be featured in my game! If you have been following this blog, you may remember my first couple of posts where I showed of screenshots of my UI. If you can't remember, allow me to refresh your memory...

Now, with this screenshot may I present you with the opportunity that will really show how close the XNA community can be. With time getting ever closer to the deadline, I will be starting the polishing phase of my submission very soon. One item on my list is to fill in the "timeslots" that will be randomly distributed among the mock television guide. However, I was thinking wouldn't it be great if the other time slots featured other DBP submissions.

So I present you, my fellow developers, with the chance to submit the title and a description of your submission, and you could feature in my game (as seen above). I will also be implementing an info screen on this page which will give further information for whatever has been selected. The only "requirement" I have is that your description tries not to mention gameplay features, but instead reads more like a synopsis for a television show. And also, if your game happens to be randomly selected to be after my game, it will feature in the mini planner that appears on the loading screen.

So think about it, and if you wish to take part or want more information visit my app hub post.

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