Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dream.Build.Play: Gameplay Complete

Its been a long long in fact I've had almost two weeks worth of development since my last proper blog post. In that time I have been implementing the final part of the game that the players will interact with, and to some gamers this is the most important part. This is the part of the show where our host will tell the contestants the score they've accumulated over the course of the game and who came out on top. This part was time consuming. Not because it was difficult to implement, but because it lead me to recording a bunch of voice work and working on the visual aspect of this stage. The reason this stage is so important is because it's the only time in the entire game that the player will see their score, and with a valid reason behind it. When I have played games with visible scores with other people and they've not been doing so well, one of two things will happen. Either them seeing they are losing will drive them to try their hardest to do better and win or they decide they've already lost and give up. In order to counter act the latter group, I don't want to constantly remind them how well (or poorly) they are doing so they will continue to do their best.
The final part of the show that was implemented was the credits. This was implemented not because I have many people involved in the project nor because I want to be bragging that I did everything, but because it finalises that television presentation I am going for with the entire game. However this is very rough at the moment and will hopefully be polished before the submission.

So has this really taken me all this time? Well no. Once I completed the above stages, I thought I should play the game from start to finish to ensure it all worked together, and it did until it came to ask the questions. Due to a partial update there was an inconsitancy between the generating and processing of my round based network packets. It turns out my NetworkManager doesn't deal with my stupidity.

So what's planned for the next 19 (as of writing) days? Polish, polish and more polish. I have created a big list all in priorty order of what I would like to implement/polish before I submit and I will be burning through it as fast as I can. The tasks range from texturing my models to adding on-screen prompts. If only I had more time...

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